Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lab B-2

This Lab was very fun for me to teach.  I really feel like I am progressing really well in this class and teaching in general. Everything I do in this class has and will continue helping me in the rest of my time at Cortland and beyond.  Lab B-2 was a step up from B-1 where the skills and tasks became harder.  My skill was  to lead my partner while he or she was running down the field.

Time Coding
As you can see from this video and audio track of me I believe I have progressed a lot since the first lab.  I can see that I am starting to learn to use my voice even though I started to "coach" at the end instead of teach.  I also see that I need to make these tasks and challenges a lot more fun which can easily be done in the future.  Also I noticed that I did not give any feedback which is why I an not including the feedback sheet.  Each class I learn something new about teaching in general and about me as a teacher.  I need to work on my feedback part of teaching and make teaching and the lessons a fun and exciting place to be. Hope you enjoyed. Until next time who knows where in the World we may be. ; )

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