Monday, November 8, 2010

Lab C

Lab C was a really fun and exciting lab. When I heard that we would need to choose a sport from another country I wanted to choose a game that no one has ever heard of, but also a sport that would be a lot of fun. The name of the sport I choose was Kabaddi. It is a sport that has a lot of the elements that wrestling, tag, football, and rugby, and M.M.A have. This game was formed in South Asia before the common era and was developed for combat training. Since then the Kabaddi has grown not only into a national sport of Bangladesh, but a sport that is played throughout the world. Mostly still played in Southern Asia Kabaddi is growing in popularity and the first World Cup was played in 2010. Here is part two of India vs. Pakistan!

When bringing Kabaddi to a Physical Education setting teaching the rules and culture of Kabaddi is real important. It allows students to understand where the sport developed, why its played and also how it is played, but teaching wrestling and fighting in a classroom setting is not safe or appropriate. What I decided to do instead is use flag football flags to take over the fighting and wrestling and tag contact to the game. Also you do not tell the students to hold there breath either because that is dangerous, but you can tell them to continuously say Kabaddi without a break in between syllables and words, but to only do it until they start to feel uncomfortable because we are not trying to see who can say it the longest, but instead are trying to introduce different cultures into the students life.
Here is the video for my lesson. Enjoy : )!!!

Time Coding Form
Lesson Plan
Task Progression
After reviewing what I have taught I see that i gave a little to much instruction and time could have used a little more activity time, but I did show two videos which took up part of that instruction time.  There is still time for me to improve on my teaching styles and skills. My least strongest point is definitely feedback.  I really need to work on that and hope to improve it by lab d.  For lab d I will be teaching IDance so I am excited because I love working with technology and technology may be the future of physical education.  Until next time.

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