Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lab D

IDance is a great tool that should be introduced at all levels in a Physical Education environment. While working on how I was going to teach IDance I learned that it was not just a game but a tool that can help improve, motivate, and create and fun and healthy environment in the Physical Education setting. Their are many was to use the IDance system. Hands, feet, soccer balls and other equipment can be used on these boards which all promote different movements and allows students to always be actively moving while having fun.

While looking at all the possibilities that the IDance system has I decided to incorporate a lot of movement from one IDance Board to another. This would not only allow students to work on teamwork and cooperation, but would also allows students to increase their heart rate, reaction time, speed, agility, and coordination while also having fun.

From All you need is a little P.E

As you can see from my video below I did not just have students use one IDance board and not doing anything else because that would increase the chances that students get bored and become less likely to participate. I consistently changed up the task to make it more challenging, but at the same time I tried to keep a fun and active environment which I believe I accomplished.

Time Coding
Content Development
Block Plan
What students should be able to know
Psychomotor assessment
Heart Rate Assessment
Cognitive Assessment
Affective Assessment
End of Unit Performance Task

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