Thursday, December 16, 2010

Community Service

My fraternity requires we perform at least three community service events each semester. At the JM Mcdonald center the youth football program needed help handing out equipment. This is great that youth football was really big in this part of new york. Tons of kids and their families were their picking up their uniforms. Programs like this keep kids active while keeping them off the streets. I also attended pumpkin fest where we supervised kids while they were playing on rides.  Which is always good experience because if you can control kids who aren't part of your supervision then you can control them in a classroom setting.  Also attended the Crop walk which takes place in the city of Cortland my fraternity had a team  even though i did not raise any money i did donate when i got their.  This is a way to raise money for families around the world who have trouble finding food to eat.  Another event was relay for life which raises money for cancer I went to this event to support this cause because I know people who have either died from cancer or live with cancer.  Also throughout the year we raise money for the Jimmy V foundation.  We are always looking for donations to this organization.

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