Thursday, December 16, 2010

SuperIntendent and PowerPoint

Dear Mr. Superintendent,
                My name is Gregory Laneri and I am a Physical Education teacher at East Meadow High School.  I am writing to you today because the way physical education is being taught in most plays is always the same and never changes. My goal is to make that change and get every student in my class room along with every other class to be active every second of our class time.  Play the same old sports year after year does not cut it in this new decade.  Technology is everywhere and is not going away anytime soon.  Students who are now in this school grew up with technology and use it in their lives every day.  I believe that with some help from the school district and some fundraising done here at the school we could increase students willingness to not only learn in a physical education class room but to teacher others outside of the class.  Using new technology like the heart rate monitor is one step to improve fitness in students, but that cannot be the only thing we get.  New systems are being developed everyday by companies, one is particular is Exergame Fitness International Divisions.  Their website is located here This company has invented many new tools that can be used in a physical education setting.  One of these tools is the IDance system which allows students to work on speed, agility, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance while also having fun.  Another tool that is beneficial to a P.E class room is the Stationary bikes that allow students to play video games. This system only lets the students play these games as long as they are pedaling at certain speeds and one they stop the student can no longer play the game until they pedal again.  The Wii, Play station, Xbox have all come out with motion gaming devices that also allow students to be active while having fun and also working on different psychomotor elements.  Professor Stephan Yang from SUNY Cortland is a leading researcher in this field and he has shown many positive developments in schools and students who use technology in a Physical Education setting.  Here is a video of Professor Yang talking about the IDance system  Why should we be stuck with doing the same thing every year that does not bring us anywhere closer to preventing students from becoming obese. New technology is out their that can help us get students more active. It is just in our reach. All we are asking from you is to support this proposal and get these students moving again. Here are some more resources for you to look at 

Thanks for listening,
Gregory Laneri

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