Thursday, December 16, 2010

Community Service

My fraternity requires we perform at least three community service events each semester. At the JM Mcdonald center the youth football program needed help handing out equipment. This is great that youth football was really big in this part of new york. Tons of kids and their families were their picking up their uniforms. Programs like this keep kids active while keeping them off the streets. I also attended pumpkin fest where we supervised kids while they were playing on rides.  Which is always good experience because if you can control kids who aren't part of your supervision then you can control them in a classroom setting.  Also attended the Crop walk which takes place in the city of Cortland my fraternity had a team  even though i did not raise any money i did donate when i got their.  This is a way to raise money for families around the world who have trouble finding food to eat.  Another event was relay for life which raises money for cancer I went to this event to support this cause because I know people who have either died from cancer or live with cancer.  Also throughout the year we raise money for the Jimmy V foundation.  We are always looking for donations to this organization.

SuperIntendent and PowerPoint

Dear Mr. Superintendent,
                My name is Gregory Laneri and I am a Physical Education teacher at East Meadow High School.  I am writing to you today because the way physical education is being taught in most plays is always the same and never changes. My goal is to make that change and get every student in my class room along with every other class to be active every second of our class time.  Play the same old sports year after year does not cut it in this new decade.  Technology is everywhere and is not going away anytime soon.  Students who are now in this school grew up with technology and use it in their lives every day.  I believe that with some help from the school district and some fundraising done here at the school we could increase students willingness to not only learn in a physical education class room but to teacher others outside of the class.  Using new technology like the heart rate monitor is one step to improve fitness in students, but that cannot be the only thing we get.  New systems are being developed everyday by companies, one is particular is Exergame Fitness International Divisions.  Their website is located here This company has invented many new tools that can be used in a physical education setting.  One of these tools is the IDance system which allows students to work on speed, agility, balance, coordination, and cardiovascular endurance while also having fun.  Another tool that is beneficial to a P.E class room is the Stationary bikes that allow students to play video games. This system only lets the students play these games as long as they are pedaling at certain speeds and one they stop the student can no longer play the game until they pedal again.  The Wii, Play station, Xbox have all come out with motion gaming devices that also allow students to be active while having fun and also working on different psychomotor elements.  Professor Stephan Yang from SUNY Cortland is a leading researcher in this field and he has shown many positive developments in schools and students who use technology in a Physical Education setting.  Here is a video of Professor Yang talking about the IDance system  Why should we be stuck with doing the same thing every year that does not bring us anywhere closer to preventing students from becoming obese. New technology is out their that can help us get students more active. It is just in our reach. All we are asking from you is to support this proposal and get these students moving again. Here are some more resources for you to look at 

Thanks for listening,
Gregory Laneri

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily Burn

1.    What do your impressions of using Daily Burn?  Do you currently use another form of online exercise and nutrition tracker? If so what is it and which features do you like better?  If not, why not and will you consider staying apart of our Rockstar Group? Be sure to include your screen shots (at least 3) that you took and cropped.
    1. I really do like this site it has a lot of tools that could be used in many different ways that you really don’t see anywhere else.  It is very easy to use especially if you are a beginner.  Also it looks like it could keep many people motivated in their workout.  It gives them direction and guidance.  One of my favorite parts of the website are the challenges page.  You can challenge yourself in many areas of physical fitness.  I have used other tools in the past but nothing like this website.  The other websites like website has a weight and strength tracker, but this is the best site I have seen.  I will always be a part of the Rockstar group because this is where I have learned many things throughout the semester.
  1. How would you use this website to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B?  What modifications would you use to establish a group or individual’s goals?
    1. This site can easily accomplish everything needed to allow the students to make their own fitness plan.  It is very easy to set up or follow a workout on here. It tells you days and also gives you information on how much you lost and how you can lose it.  I would definitely set up a few challenges for the class that would do with individual weight lose and individual diet and workout along with class weight loss, class strength, and other information that I would find necessary for the students to be able to do and show their results. 
  2. What electronic tool could you see as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1A?  Describe how this tool might work in a High School Setting.  If you plan to use Excel, or Google Forms, be sure to include a sample that can tried out online.
                  a.Heart rate monitors can be one great tool that can be used.  Using heart rate monitors everyday can show how much a student is working.  This information can be graphed and sent in but that just wouldn’t be enough.  Taking pictures of a student’s daily burn can be another great tool. Pisca allows you to save screen shots into folders and these folders can be put into chronological order to show a student’s progress. Video clips of students doing certain activities throughout the year in class can also be used and can be mashed up into one showing students throughout the year or unit progressing. This can be done on numerous websites and programs.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Greg Final 1a-1c

  1. Where is the web-site from?  Where in the world?  Which country?  What city and state/province is the story from?
    1. The website is from Toronto On, Canada.  One of the schools is located in Southern Saskatoon, Canada. The other school is Naperville central High near Chicago.
  2. What do you think about this news piece....interesting...why or why not?
    1. I find this news piece very interesting because it shows us as PE teachers that playing sports and having students sit around is not the way to go. Constant physical activity and mental thinking is always something that should be going on in a student’s head. PE should not just be about PE, but should be about every subject and learning environment. PE teachers should be able to have basic knowledge in other fields that they could incorporate in the program and help a student progress in their knowledge.
  3. Why don’t we hear anything about the PE teacher being involved with City Park Collegiate experiment? How will ensure that your PE program will be a benefit to the students and faculty of your school?
    1. I believe the reason why you do not hear anything about PE teacher being involved in this experiment is because for one these students may have gained more trust and respect for their main teacher more than anyone else.  Also the PE teacher at the school may not believe in this type of teaching and could be one of the so called “old school teachers.”  I will ensure that my PE program will benefit not only students but also the faculty by not having students learn about sports, but instead work on situations, problems that deal with math, science and history along with other fields while also giving these students a physical workout that will hopefully get them to enjoy and be more active at home and in school on a mental and physical level.
  4. What are were the main outcomes/benefits of the program? Were you surprised from their findings? Are these outcomes similar to our New York State PE Standards?  Explain your answer by giving details and examples, while comparing and contrasting. 
    1. All of the students that were part of this program have benefited a great deal. Every student increased in reading, writing, comprehension.  These students all had problems in school before they were put into this program. Some couldn’t read and write while others had problems paying attention and actually completing their work.  This program not only help students learned and achieve more in this class room then a regular class room would have allowed them to, but they also got physical activity that they did in their class room.  I was really surprised by the findings in this article.  If you showed me these students before doing this interview and told me what they were planning on doing I would have said that it would never have worked.  These outcomes are similar to the NYSPE standards.  These students were in a really safe and healthy environment. If these students did not come to this program they could be out on the streets and not even going to school.  This school has brought them comfort along with knowledge and activity.  Resource management was also brought out in this program because it showed students there was more to their life then the streets. Physical activity could help you in ways that they never would have thought of.  These students also did have some of standard one. They received physical activity in the class room prior to learning; one of the things that they did not talk about was skill based progress.
  5. What is BDNF and what does it have to do with PE and learning? How do you get BDNF or other associated goodies? What are the names of two of the “key” books and their authors that currently outline the benefits of exercise and learning/academics? At least one is mentioned in the news piece.
    1. BDNF (Brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which acts like a fertilizer (miracle growth of the brain). Preserves nerve cells, makes the cells stronger, it also makes new cells and helps them deal with stress.  To get BDNF you need to do something called Sustained aerobic movement. Scientists believe high school students need to get your heart rate up to 60-70% of maximum and keep it there for at least 20 minutes. One of the books named Spark by Dr. John Ratey. The other book is called “The Kinesthetic Classroom” by Traci Lengel and Mike Kuczala.
1c- As discussed throughout this semester, the goal in NYS is to have PE included in the school report card and to have Regents Level objectives.
- Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1A= What is the %-age of the senior class that is “recreationally competent in 6 activities and “proficient” in 3” in 3 different activity categories (6+3/3) (See B-9 in packet)           
- Recommended Regent’s Level for LS #1B= What is the %-age of the senior class that has reached “competency” in their “Personal Fitness Plan”?

·         New York State has many different categories listed for the NYSLS 1a and 1b that students should be competent in.  They are Team Passing activities, Net/Wall activities, Target activities, Striking/Fielding activities, Aquatic activities, Dance and Aesthetic activities, Outdoor activities, Personal Performance activities, and Fitness activities.  Under each of these are separate sports, games, or skills that a student should be competent in. I believe a great PE teacher should be able to get 100% of the senior class to be able to be recreationally competent in 6 activities and “proficient” in 3 in 3 different activity categories and also to have 100% competency in their Personal Fitness Plan.  But a good PE teacher should get at least 90% of the senior class should be recreationally competent in 6 activities and “proficient” in 3” in 3 different activity categories and also competent in their personal fitness plan

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lab D

IDance is a great tool that should be introduced at all levels in a Physical Education environment. While working on how I was going to teach IDance I learned that it was not just a game but a tool that can help improve, motivate, and create and fun and healthy environment in the Physical Education setting. Their are many was to use the IDance system. Hands, feet, soccer balls and other equipment can be used on these boards which all promote different movements and allows students to always be actively moving while having fun.

While looking at all the possibilities that the IDance system has I decided to incorporate a lot of movement from one IDance Board to another. This would not only allow students to work on teamwork and cooperation, but would also allows students to increase their heart rate, reaction time, speed, agility, and coordination while also having fun.

From All you need is a little P.E

As you can see from my video below I did not just have students use one IDance board and not doing anything else because that would increase the chances that students get bored and become less likely to participate. I consistently changed up the task to make it more challenging, but at the same time I tried to keep a fun and active environment which I believe I accomplished.

Time Coding
Content Development
Block Plan
What students should be able to know
Psychomotor assessment
Heart Rate Assessment
Cognitive Assessment
Affective Assessment
End of Unit Performance Task